'You Never Know' Physical CD

'You Never Know' Physical CD

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"You Never Know what's around the bend
You never know how the story line will end
You never know who will knock upon your doors
You never know who will dance upon your floors..."

Have you ever been amazed by the people or events in your life? This album celebrates hope and the experiences that mold us into who we are and how we change throughout our lives.

One of the most pivotal moments in Annelise's life is when she first recorded "City". She new at that moment that she wanted to record for the rest of her life!  The song is about her experience of moving to New York City and three weeks later waking up with Lyme Disease. It then follows her to Nashville where she really honed in on her songwriting, had some "inspirational" relationships  😜 and really grew as a musician and artist. 

Fun Fact: 'Going Back' is a sequel song to 'City'

What's included? 
16 fully mastered songs
Jewel case & CD
Full color lyric booklet packed with awesome graphics and photographs
The satisfaction of holding a freshly packed album in your hands & supporting an independent artist!