Driven Physical CD
Driven Physical CD

Driven Physical CD

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It's like Sara Bareilles and Muse met for lunch in Paris!

Annelise's "Driven" will take you on a journey from the California Coast to Europe and back.

This album has it all from soothing acoustic tracks to full band motivational rock and even some gypsy jazz! Find out what race eats it's young, why she can't sleep, what was on the other side of a burning bridge and more. 

Driven is a full length album by Annelise with the exception of "Hold Back the Rain" which was originally performed by Duran Duran. She incorporates 3-D audio which means if you listen with headphones it's going to feel like the sounds are happening around you. 

What's included? 
12 fully mastered songs
Full color eco-friendly Digipak & CD
Lyric booklet packed with awesome graphics and photographs
The satisfaction of holding a freshly packed album in your hands!