Two CD Physical Bundle

Two CD Physical Bundle

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Physical music is not dead!

You're going to love this CD bundle because BOTH albums, "Driven" & "You Never Know" come with a lyric booklet to all the songs! No more guessing if I said "My Martin is my only friend..." or "And monotony is my only friend...". It's monotony by the way, I play Taylor guitars. And I'm going to leave it up to you to find 🧐 which song that line is in! Muah-ha-ha!) 

You'll also get to hold in your hands all the artwork that I poured my heart and soul into designing just for you, my devoted fans.  Yes, I designed them myself so you're getting my music creations AND my artistic creations. 🥳

"Wait, so what am I getting?", you say. 

1. Physical Digipak album of "Driven" including lyric book
2. Physical Jewel case album of "You Never Know" including lyric book
3. My undying gratitude that you're on this journey with me and loving my music!
4. Some fun little surprise in the box because I'm shipping it with my own two hands, well, to the post office and then they will ship it for me. Sorry, I won't be knocking on your door, unless you're my neighbor and you order this then I'll hand deliver it.  

P.S. 🎧 Make sure you listen to "Driven" with headphones because is has 3D Audio on it and it's really awesome, especially if you turn up the volume a little, but don't damage your ears! 🎧